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Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
Rating: Map by Crimson Stardust
The whole thing looks really nice, I like the custom tiles everywhere and the greenery is placed very naturally for a small town. The only problem I have is with the building at the bottom right, it doesn't seem like it's being viewed from the same angle, like how the other houses you can see the tops of them at an angle, while this building you seem to be looking at head-on. Other than that, great map! 8/10

My map:
name: Pallet Town
game: FR
notes: I'm not trying to base this off of any kind of animated version/realistic depiction of Pallet Town, I just like the idea of having maps that are much bigger than their original size, while still being similar to the original in the game.
The player's house is on the top left, the two top right houses are Blue's and Red's, along with Oak's lab in the corner.

I'm always a fan of large maps. As for yours I think you made a solid start. Unfortunately it seems a bit empty. To big a big map like that you must ensure it's playable. My advice perhaps fill it in with more green life to fill up the map.

Other suggestions & views
a) Love the waterfall and the way its constructed well done
b) try to eliminate one box pathways to the lab cause I think Oak would of invested on proper path ways to his lab
c) Like the fact that you included oaks backyard there well done
d) Not really sure what that bridge is for cause its a pathway to nowhere as far as I can see

Other than that like I said I like big maps... Just fill it up a bit more and I think it'll be perfect

Rating: I don't rate

All the best my friend
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