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Okay, my name is Josh and I've been playing Pokemon ever since the fifth grade. My first game was Emerald and I absolutely cherished it and played it to death. My Gardevoir raped everything. Also, I really, really love the pokemon Clefable as you can see by my username. I really don't know how to explain it. It's just, I... I love it. I even had a stuffed Clefable, but then it got lost over summer break in 2010 and I cried for a few minutes.

I also like things sometimes such as shows and books and certain music. Supernatural is pretty amazing and so is Lord of the Rings. Stars is my favorite band: they are simply brilliant. I really like electronica too, such as Gold Panda and Yuksek. I go on Tumblr a lot and stuff. I don't even know what I am doing with my life; I am currently bored and at an attempt to relieve myself of my boredom, I stumbled upon this dandy site and signed up.

School is stressful for me right now. I know this will not help me with my procrastination disease, but oh well. Anything to distract me from AP Chemistry and Pre-Calculus is fine with me. Oh, and I love science. Like, it answers everything and just so you know, my favorite element is Fluorine. It's very speshul. Yeah.

Well, that's a bit of information about me which I hope you absorbed (or not).
Yup. Have a nice day.
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