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Holy, wow...I can't believe that name wasn't taken! You are one lucky member!

Pleased to meet you, Josh. My name is Megan! It's lovely to see you here on PC, one of the greatest Pokemon Communities on the net! :)

This forum will keep you busy if you stick around. We have a ton of topics for you to check out, especially the ones relating to your interests. I'm pretty sure you will have a lot of fun. :) And I see you like science? What kind of science do you like? I'm a fan of biology and meteorology. I could call myself a science geek myself...but that was like, back in high school. haha.

So, yeah...PC will keep you busy, why not explore what we have here and well...have fun? :D You can always PM me if you need a friend to talk to, and contact Cirno or Cid if you have any questions! Okay! Have a fantastic time here and see ya!
i wanna make your h e a r t beat
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