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Genevieve L’esprit
A Sableye, no wonder she had such difficulty detecting him before. His kind was notorious for their abilities to blend in with the background and simply disappear. He had landed near her with agility that she did not know his type possessed. His type... resistant to much of what she could do to him, just like Sovereign. What was this little creature’s reason for being here? Did he not know who she was? He had to guess at her being a Sentinel, that itself was an insult to her station.

“Oh, you want some action?” She smiled at him in her most seductive way, her hips moving in an over the top provocative manner, as she stepped in front of him and knelt to his level. “I can blast you alright, but I’m thinking it might be more fun to squish the insect.” Genevieve giggled and ran a hand up to his face, her face becoming more and more stern by the second. Her eyes glowed in that insidious way they did when she used her psychic abilities. But her power wasn’t focused on him, rather, something down the hall. Silently, she levitated a grand statue of Auron towards them both. A carving of monumental weight and prominence. It would do the job nicely.

Quickly stepping away from the intruder, she glared at him anew, hatred and all the days pent up aggression focused on him. He picked a very bad time to cross her. It would be the last mistake he ever made were he not careful. The statue faltered under her mental grasp before she quickly regained composure. It was heavy, but she could not let it drop without purpose.

“You will tell me your purpose and your name, or the previous words you uttered will be your last. I suggest you speak quickly.” A bead of sweat ran down her face as she kept her focus simultaneously split on both him and the mammoth statue. Her legs quaked as she shifted her stance and reaffirmed her threat.