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Yay, thank you all for greeting me.

Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
Holy, wow...I can't believe that name wasn't taken! You are one lucky member!

Pleased to meet you, Josh. My name is Megan! It's lovely to see you here on PC, one of the greatest Pokemon Communities on the net!

This forum will keep you busy if you stick around. We have a ton of topics for you to check out, especially the ones relating to your interests. I'm pretty sure you will have a lot of fun. And I see you like science? What kind of science do you like? I'm a fan of biology and meteorology. I could call myself a science geek myself...but that was like, back in high school. haha.

So, yeah...PC will keep you busy, why not explore what we have here and well...have fun? :D You can always PM me if you need a friend to talk to, and contact Cirno or Cid if you have any questions! Okay! Have a fantastic time here and see ya!
I'm mainly interested in Biology and Astronomy. Mostly astronomy though. Space is such a wonderful thing. However, I wanna pursue a major in Neurobiology. The brain is weird, you know. Neuron synapses and cognitive memory and stuff like that.

Also, of course! I hope to have a wonderful time here.

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Oh god no-one used Clefable yet? I was expecting all Pokemon names to have had a user named after them by now.

Anyways, welcome to PC Josh. My name is Nichole, and glad to see you joined. What was the main reason for joining and why? We have loads of fun sections you can post in, and people you can talk to. And wow a science geek? Do you ever plan on becoming a scientist eventually? I'm worried I'll never get my dream job given how much I suck at my current job.

Tabor showed you the Adoption Center if you're in need of a mentor, and whoever you pick you'll be sure to have an awesome time here. I'm also happy to get to know more about you, just send me a quick VM and I'll get you acquainted with the site.

- Hikari10
Hi! Well, I like Pokemon a lot, lol. So that's why I joined.

Why yes I'd love to be a scientist, preferably one who studies the brain because the brain is mysterious and fascinating. And hopefully you'll be able to achieve that dream job of yours. Just keep on pursuing it I guess and don't give up. Sorry, I'm not really much of a motivator, but you'll get there someday! c:

Hmm, I'll take the Adoption Center in consideration. Much thanks.

Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
I was... very sure someone would have swiped that username in a heartbeat already, but guess not! That's a pleasant surprise. A huge welcome to the forum, Josh!

Hah, Emerald is definitely one of the best Pokemon games by far. And I really do mean it! I spent tons of time playing the third generation so it has a huge soft spot in my heart. Gardevoir is pretty awesome as well and one of the best sweepers in the whole game without a doubt. <3; How can you go wrong with Psychic + Thunderbolt + Shadow Ball? That's right, you can't~! Clefable is adorable too, though I also really like Clefairy. Your avatar really makes it all the more cute too, hehe.

Can't say I've ever heard of Gold Panda and Yuksek, though... that and I've also never seen LoTR. Is that bad to admit? ): Granted I've never seen or played a lot of the more popular things, like Harry Potter or Final Fantasy. Anywayyy, before I drift off topic, I want to say I'm glad you stumbled upon our awesome little forum on the web and decided to join! I like to tell people that it's worth it (because it is!) since we're a great community and will hopefully help you out in taking breaks from school. Even if procrastination and multitasking is a problem, you'd probably break down if you had absolutely no distractions to keep you going, so in a way the internet is super healthy. But that's coming from a super lazy procrastinator such as myself, so... xD;

Thanks for writing a more thought-out intro - it's always a lot more fun to reply to longer ones, plus you see how much you have in common with others! :D Hope you have a splendid time here!
Thank you for welcoming me! And I don't know. It was the first name I tried and somehow it wasn't taken. Yay? My love for Clefable triumphed.

Yeee, Emerald was the greatest. Oh, and yes, Gardevoir is such a badass in Emerald. Calm Mind all day.
Oh, and I got the avatar from Livejournal. They have tons of tons of icons associated with hundreds of topics. And yeah, I found it extremely cute~

Gold Panda is this really cool DJ. Here's a sample even though it may not appeal to your music taste:


Same with Yuksek, except he's Russian, which makes him substantially cooler in my opinion. His songs make you feel like you're tripping. I don't really know, lol. One of his popular ones:


Haha, thanks for the advice. Yeah, school is just being a loser right now. It should wither and die. Procrastinators unite!
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