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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

Mako indeed felt happy where he was, both literally and otherwise. Well, happy and relieved, because he was half sure he was either going to end up eaten or dead.

He listened to Emily and Lucy's conversation...but he still wasn't completely sure what was going on. He wanted to see more of this Emily character because she seemed so interesting. Well, at least she seemed to be from Cecilia's standpoint, as all she did was stare at Emily with her pointer finger on her lips. He could see the gears in her head turning as she thought about the strange creature before her. She would look at Mako at various points in the conversation, as if to make sure he was still there.

From what he could put together, someone was going around destroying places. That was the rough way of putting it, at least, but that was really the only way it needed to be put. Next on the list was apparently Jubilife, which was apparently now Lucy's destination. This worried Mako, it worried him a lot. Eterna wasn't destroyed by some riot or something, it was leveled by...something. He knew that Lucy was strong, and Amethyst as well, but...who or whatever did this leveled an entire city! This wasn't something so trivial that the two of them could resolve the issue on their own.

He moved his head to the side to see Emily. She looked normal...that was his initial thought at least, but then she...distorted? She...morphed? It wasn't something that could be so easily described, but Mako could now see why Cecilia was so interested in this girl. Could he trust her, though? Lucy seemed to be waning and waxing in that area, as if she was still trying to decide. No, rather, it was more like Lucy wanted to trust her, but she first needed to confirm her feelings for Emily and vice versa. That's what Mako thought, anyway.

Mako grabbed both Amy and Lucy by their sides, so that they would not be pushed off, and stood up, putting the two down upon becoming upright. "Well," Mako started, scratching the back of his head and walking over to Cecilia, putting his hand out for her to hold. "I'd be damned if I let you girls go off to a condemned city on your own. I just need to drop this little one off in the Children's
City and I'll catch up to you guys."

What greeted Mako next was not the soft embrace of his little sister's hands. Rather, it was something sharp. Actually, it felt like several sharp objects sinking into his skin. He looked down to see what it was, and it was his little sister with a face filled with rage and covered in blood. His blood. She looked like a vengeful sadistic child from some horror movie. Her teeth had pierced his skin, and his hand was almost completely red with the wine of life. "Ah," Mako said with a smile.

Ah!" He continued, with a straight face.

AAAAAH!" He screamed, finally realizing the reality of the situation, his face giving a clear representation of the pain he was in. Cecilia quickly removed her teeth from his hand and started licking it, as if to make it feel better. This would have been cute, except for the copious amounts of blood she was licking. If he didn't know better, he'd probably think she was some type of vampire. Still, it warmed his heart.

With tears in her eyes, she started mouthing words as she undid the ribbon that kept her hair up. It was a red ribbon, and a rather long one. She tied it around his hand as best she could, trying to display how truly sorry she was since could not say it.

" didn't have to go that far..." Mako said. He couldn't get mad at her, she didn't know any better, and she seemed to have learned her lesson. He squatted down as he petted the sobbing Cecilia on the head and kissed her on the cheek. "It's okay, it's okay; you can stay with me...I just don't want you to get hurt out there, y'know?"

He took Cecilia by the hand and walked over to Emily. "Uh..." He scratched his head with his free hand. He felt a little weird talking to her so close because she seemed so...unique. It wasn't fear that deterred him, exactly, but he wasn't too comfortable around her. "I never did introduce myself; I'm Mako." He turned to Lucy and Amethyst and said, "Oh right, I never introduced you guys to the newest member of the Reese household. This little hand nibbler right here is Cecilia, and she's my younger sister." At this, Cecilia ran behind Mako, peeking at the two from between Mako's legs.

"As I was saying, I'm not letting you three go fact, I don't feel comfortable with you three going at all..." He looked away for a moment. "But I can't simply stand by worrying about you guys, and there's no way I can stop you, so I'll be joining you on your journey."
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