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Well, it depends on what you want to go for.

The whole Steel + Dragon combo can also work with Dragonite and Garchomp. What's good about Dragonite though, is that even with it's Dragon Dance set, it's even viable with a Choice Band; or a cripple Thunder Wave set! Garchomp can work as a choice Scarfer, choice Bander, or a sub/sd sweeper. Metagross can cover it's dragon/ice weakness too.

What you can try is to have Salamence be a mixed sweeper, and have either a Dragonite, a Garchomp, or hey, even Kingdra as a set-up sweeper, as Salamence can defeat their respective checks like... Skarmory, or Magnezone with Fire Blast.

I wouldn't recommend Shedinja if you're using Tyranitar though. =( If you're using Sand Stream. Although, Zoroark can be quite handy for a lead - if you wanna trick those people who would think that you're leading off with Dragonite, and Wobbuffet can take out those checks that are naturally faster than your preferred Dragon pokemon, like [email protected]

For abilities, I recommend Multi-Scale on Dragonite, beause it really helps Dragonite's survivablity against Ice attacks at full health. I also recommend Moxie on Salamence for the added sweeping~

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