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Quote originally posted by Yuki's Sword:
Here is me:

In a dark room yeah. Not focused. xD
Nice pic Pala, I wasn't picturing you to look like that though.

Quote originally posted by LilJz1234:
So I'm guessing you guys still haven't seen my face. So here's a picture of me when I was around 4 or 5.

Nice one Jerry, you looked pretty nice back then.

Quote originally posted by Mr Cat Dog:
This is the youngest picture of me that I can find online. Not a baby photo, but it'll have to do. 12-year-old me was noooooooot pretty.

Awwwwww Jon you look adorable, even if you wear glasses.

Quote originally posted by Curious.:
Here's me after getting my hair cut short. (I grew it for a good couple of months, and finally got tired of it, so I decided I'll cut it and start fresh!)

Relatively large image
Now this is an awesome look Nathan, your hair looks even better now!
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