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Diceon went on to explain the fact that he was a blacksmith, but he really wanted to travel the world. "So where are we headed?"

Doron chewed his lip. That was a question that did not have an answer. "I can't really say right 'bout now, I just go." Doron was a drifter. He had no place he had to go, no place to call home. He was forbidden to enter Goron City. He had left with his brothers, his new home. He lost that home last night. Now he was homeless. "I say we move towards the Zora's Domain. They always enjoy a heavy-lifter." Doron referenced to the several times he had helped Zoras move immensely heavy objects. "Maybe the Kokiri Forest. I don't know, really." With the hangover still in effect, he had an idea. "Let's go to tha' ranch down yonder." He gestured the Lon Lon Ranch. "I need to get meself one of those Cuccoo eggs. my headaches fierce as a storm." He rubbed his temples and set off towards the ranch.
"I'm not gonna die. Each one of you risked your lives to come to my rescue, and that's why I can't let you throw away your lives now, not for me, not again. I got this. Don't worry about me, babies."
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