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NatureKeeper, (known as Donnaclus to those who know me on other websites and/or Craftrum)

So, after reading Yuoman's Quartz LP a further time, (and dying from laughter), I decided to give LPing another chance. I am doing this one with classic ol' screenies because I really fail at audio commentary. Also, some things will be carried over in memory of my defunct SoulSilver LP.

Without further ado...

Oh wait, I forgot. PG-13 for infrequent use of language, usually censored.

NOW, without further ado...

Pilot - Interruption


It seems that all starless nights in the Pokemon World need Ninty's copyrights.

And a huge logo of Gamefreak.

...So, it's a Gengar and a Nidorino. And Gengar looks like he wants to... umm... Nevermind.

Nido doesn't look very happy.

Taunting him? Bad idea, Gengar. Really bad idea.

S*** just got real.

And the victor of the battle is...

Unknown for the rest of eternity. :/

The title screen looks pretty much by the book, at least.


So the only button I've used so far is the second most important?

My life is a lie.

I think they covered all the buttons on my GBA, I suppose I can now finally start-


So you're sending me to get ravaged by wild creatures?

...That can't be legal.

Oh, NOW I can begin! Now, I think I better go catch some Pok-

Ah, curses.

I know where I am...

And may I ask what are you doing here?

Oh. In that case, get out because this room is-

...It's not that large. And definitely not inhabited. And mine, if you hadn't interrupted you'd know.

That much I know.

You study Pokemon, I figured that out when you said you're the Pokemon Professor.

That's your profession? No wonder you're in some kid's room looking for Pokemon- you're mentally unstable.

No, go back to your Asylum, mental freak.

So not only are you unstable, you're blind? Well, I'm obviously a...


Dammit I forgot.

As per LPG style, the viewers get to choose the Gender and name the character. The gender with more votes wins, and the name is randomly chosen. So, post ahead!

(...My SoulSilver LP was loads funnier than this crap. :/)