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So if everyone read the RPD, they would know that Supervegeta will be gone for a while leaving me to the GMing thing all by my lonesome. So I will do my best to manage this while he is gone and hopefully not ruin anything. So here are the relative plans:

Mercenaries are in a bar fight. Generally speaking, you should fight, escape and meet outside the Broken Keg. I will take it from there.

Knights are boarding as CarefulWetPaint puts it another ship. I believe I actually need to post here, so expect one this weekend or early next week as I have to handle some college work and applications. However, I will post there and get us moving rather quickly.

Also, if Michaela doesn't post before I do, she will be officially replaced by a cardboard cut out. Which basically means, she is there but not there. I will keep her spot there so she can return. I figure I will keep her there until Supervegeta tells me whether or not we will "anvil" her character and open up another spot officially.

Paired with the manly Supervegeta
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