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Hey everyone! I'm back and ready to quote everyone!! :cer_boogie:

Quote originally posted by Khawill:
Name: Khalil (Khawill)
Pokemon: Maka the Stoutland, Linoone, Swellow, Delicatty, and Slaking (The last three I beat the elite four with in sapphire.)
Reason: Normals are extremely versatile and have one of the most powerful moves in the game, Return. A move that gets better the longer you play with them. Additionally they can learn a move from each type!
I always capture the first few Pokemon and use them as my main team. Since I'm a heavy grinder it doesn't matter who I play much and I enjoy the versility of normal types.
Favorite move: Return and Frustration (Frustration is always put on traded Pokemon.)

Welcome to the club! I do agree its awesome normal types have the dynamic abillity to use basicallt all the other elemental types.
However as it states in the club rules you are limited to only tree partner pokemon. I put Stoutland, Linoone, and Swellow next to your name on the member list. If you desire a change, tell me and I'll get on it ASAP.

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Name them! I can think of 3 and two are terrifying, so I'm really curious to see which Pokémon you're digging on! If I agree I'll give you a cookie. BUT ONLY IF. I just don't really see Normal types as being that tough or scary I guess, it'd be interesting to see which ones you see this way.

Basically alll the tough looking ones, bulky ones, or power houses. Such as , Stoutland, Granbull, Boufalant, Exoloud, Slaking, Tauros, and Braviary.

Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
I love Miltank cos of how funny I found the memes that spawned from Whitney's Miltank.
o3o what memes would that be?

Quote originally posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator:
Hurray! I would like to name my Watchog Lux, as it means 'light' in Latin.

Done! :>

Quote originally posted by Wind Heart:
I'll vote for Eevee as featured Pokemon in this club as well!
So much eevee

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
These are the bits I don't understand - why do either of these things make it such an amazing Pokémon? These traits certainly make it unique, but does that make it better than other Pokémon? It's definitely an interesting Pokémon but I really don't get why it's universally adored so much more than other Pokémon. I seem to be alone in this thinking though haha.
I've kinda wondered why the eevee super fanbase is so ginormous too at times.

Quote originally posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator:
My favourite Normal Type would have to be Bidoof surprisingly, as it was one of my strongest Pokemon on my Diamond (Sure, it became ugly and gained more weaknesses when it evolved, but who cares).
...I actually find Biberal to be really cute. Like a big teddy-beaver. I really started liking Biberal when I saw it in a pokemon adventures manga I was reading.

Answering Topic:
Well to answer the topic and Olli's question at the same time; I love Ursaring so much cuz hes so unbearably awesome! Ok more seriously, bears are my favorite animal. And Ursaring has it all; Hes tall, a powerhouse, decent bulk, and two great abillities. Paul's Ursaring in the anime shows just how strong Ursaring could be.
Fun Fact: Nothing short of heavily defensive rock, steel types, or a ghost type can avoid being 1 or 2HKO's by Swords Dance, Guts boosted facade from Ursaring. However ursaring has Close Combat and Crunch to deal with the afformentioned types.

If Teddiursa was a starter in a spin-off i'd be overjoyed.

Plus I get to use alot of bear puns

In Conclusion!! :