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Ryuu Higoroshi
Chapter 1: 3C's Homeroom teacher
Classroom 13

"I know more than you think." Ryuu chuckled when the Lycan took his form out of his hands. "The texts on these forms are mere details, we can't add the secret details to these, what if a student would steal 'em?" Ryuu took back his form and putted it back in the small cabinet next to him, it had a lock so no one would be able to take a look at the forms. "Humans are indeed very selfish creatures, and very oblivious for getting our kind so quickly." Ryuu sat back on his seat and folded his arms as he glanced to the roof. "Not to forget ominous for making us leave their world." Ryuu sighed. every Youkai could be angry at those weak and powerless beings, but starting another war with them would be ridiculous. Their weapons have evolved a lot within the years, and since Youkai's were practically weapons no one would win that war.

"We can't stay angry with them forever, there has to be a time we need to forgive them and become their allies instead of staying their enemies." Ryuu stood up and walked to the door of the classroom. "Only then we can return to the world that was made for both species." Ryuu opened the door and glanced straight at the Lycan boy who's name discribed his nature. "You're free to go, these girls must've given up by now since the sun is setting."

Ryuu took a look at the silver watch around his wrist and was kinda suprised that it was 6 pm already, he guessed all of the students must've gotten to the cafétaria already for dinner. Which reminded him he had to eat too, but he already had prepared his food and made a lunch/dinner box from it. Today he had no time to eat in the cafetaria among the students, he has to do lots of paper work. Firs of all, he had to make up the homework for the students he'll be giving tomorrow, then he had to prepare his lesson and get the right materials and if that wasn't everything, he still had to learn everyone's names.

Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
Chapter 1: The roommate
Dorm room

Nami listened to Elene's explanation why she didn't posses a Rosary, and to be honest she had a point there. "I'll just rip it off if I would get into trouble." Nami said. "It's a good thing you practised your human form in your childhood, i'm pretty bad at keeping my human form, that's why I posses a Rosary." Nami sat up and warmly smiled at her roommate. "I'm sorry if any of my comments come over rude, I often say things that come out totally wrong but ofcourse I don't mean it like that." Nami stood up and brushed her school uniform.

She was wondering what the other students were up too right now. She took a look at the clock in their room and found out it was dinner time, but was Nami hungry? no ofcourse not, only thirsty for blood. Nami soon found herself deep in thought about the things that had happened today, she already knew she probably wouldn't like the boy who's name appearently was "Solo". That guy seemed like someone who would beat up anyone that was weaker than him, judging from the fight he had earlier with that werewolf. Nami also thought about Takumi, she still wasn't sure if he was really a Youkai. Should she check on him later to see if he's walking around in his Youkai form? If he isn't, she got the perfect way to find out what Takumi is. She'll just cling her fangs in his neck and suck up a little bit of his blood, if it taste human then he really is one. meh... that probably would be a bad idea, besides, how could a human possibly join a Youkai Academy? It's in a different dimension and the principal wouldn't even allow one in the school, right?

Nami brought herself back to reality, but easely started to daydream about Takumi. She probably developed a little like towards him but wouldn't acknowledge it yet, how can you develop a liking towards someone you've only spoken with for a few minutes?

Nami once again brought herself back to modernity and glanced at Elene. "You know, i kinda like singing so i hope you don't mind if i do that once in awhile." Nami said to her fellow Vampire roommate.

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