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Willow glanced at Gau as he spoke to Julian, before her eyes narrowed at Julian’s retreating back. There was an air about that boy that just didn’t seem to fit. Shaking her head to remove such ideas from her head however, Willow forced a nervous grin upon her lips. Reaching up, she fingered a twig which still lay in the red tangles of her hair before tugging it out and dropping it to the floor. Nothing else to do and so far Julian seemed to be the only one whom had a plan.

“Wait up.” Willow said, glancing at the guys before starting after Julian. “Whatever you have planned, just make sure we can do it quickly.” At this she then waved to the guys. “You coming or not? Unless one of you guys have a better plan?”
Following this, she then turned her back to the group and began to trail Julian, this time not looking back to see if they were following or not. Even if they didn’t, Willow just felt a cold certainty that it wouldn’t be the last time they would see each other. After all they were all working to the same goal. At this thought however, the girl’s heart became heavier.

That’s if we all make it.
This though hung in her head like a dense choking mist as she strode after her company, her steps weighed down with the promise of a grim feature.

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