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Well it seems u had a good idea of a map, and you started it pretty well, but it seems u got lazy in the making of it and left a lot of empty space that couldve been used alot better lol.

The left blue house should've have a path leading to its door as all other houses too, doesn't really make sense not having one.
I can also see that you used alot of 1 tile paths like the one to reach to Oak's lab or the waterfall on the left side, or after you cross the bridge,try to avoid 1 tile paths as much as you can, since they down the playability of a map alot.

My sugguestion would be to fill some places more with trees like some where u left them entirely alone and some ponds would'nt hurt the map. In Oaks backyard you coul maybe close it entirely and add some wild grass to make it more appealing but that is just my style.

Overall a well thought map but with some things that got forgotten, keep up the work and you might get alot better at mapping then you already are :>
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