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Yeah, I was planning on going back over it to grammar check and fix it up a bit, as I wrote it late last night after a rather tedious math test. My apologies for the small errors.

I have a bad habit of capitalizing things I shouldn't. A habit I should really break. I will go through and fix the theurgy and gramarie words.

Hmm, alright, I will find another way to dispose of said character from the past. I do want it to be an encounter with other humans though, as it is crucial to Circel's past being the first time using his magic against a human enemy. Following along the idea of being up in the mountains, would a bandit (or whatever word would be proper for it) ambush be acceptable of some sort? On the note of his heritage: yes, that is indeed what I meant. I was trying not to get very technical with the terms and make the idea as simple as I could. I didn't mean to confuse on that point.

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