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Quote originally posted by h0tshot1025:
I'd like to adopt every starter you have available except the Kanto starters and Piplup.
Would that be okay?
I'd love to trade with you again but if that's too many, it's okay :D
Umm... sure! Let's see, I'll be here tomorrow like last time. Same FC, right? Woah, this sure was a bad time to run out of starters, but I'll breed them as soon as I get home. It's no problem at all. See you tomorrow, then.

Quote originally posted by Snocky:
Awesome! Yea, trading tomorrow would be great, I live in EST time zone so just let me know when you're available and I'll be there. I'm not 100% sure how online trading works, so it might take me a minute to figure it out though.
Cool, I live in EST too... I think... (Checks Google)... Yup! I am!

Ok... that'll be 3 Kanto starters, all males which is good because I only have males left. I'll VM you as soon as I get here so you know when to connect. My FC is on signature, may I please have yours?

Woah! Lots of post, I feel so happy :D

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