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Let's see here...where to begin...I'm sorry. I've never been very good with these kinds of things. The name's Hector, by the way. Hector Ayoba. It means Hector the Great. I don't blame it.... *laughs hysterically* Just kidding. I'm not that great. Anyways....let's start. Maybe...breakfast. Yeah. Let's start there. I had a delicious Oran berry sandwich. My mom makes really good Oran berry sandwiches. They make me happy. I like being happy. Wait, I'm supposed to be telling a story. Crap! Well, ten trainers were chosen by none other than the Professor Pine to go and travel the world, mainly to fill up her pokedex. She was very livid about it. We got stage 2 pokemon because SCREW THEM is a legitimate answer to Professor Pine. I was one of the ten trainers. I got Ivysaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur. His name is Paris. He's my bro. Anyways, I'm gonna tell my story. Listen close, because I'll only tell it once. *the world ripples into a flashback, taking place on a warm, sunny day*

I was sitting there on a warm, sunny hilltop with Paris sitting next to me. "So...." The new pokemon and I weren't exactly friendly yet. The only reaction I've gotten from him was the small bit of interest when I chose his name. Otherwise he kept a blank stare. "What do you wanna do?" The Ivysaur gave a look that suggested that he was bored. "Hey, listen. I'm bored too. We're both in the same boat now." The Ivysaur just stared blankly. Then I thought about lunch and my stomach growled. His growled as well. "Hungry are you?" Paris nodded reluctantly. The key to his heart has been opened: His stomach.

I reached into my handy backpack and produced a savory, succulent Oran berry sandwich. His eyes grew wide when he spotted my prize. I unwrapped it and tore it in half. The scent of deliciousness filled the air. I extended the peace offering out, and he accepts it. With one bite. "Hey, you could've taken my hand off!" He just smirked. I began walking down the small hill nibbling on my sandwich with my little shadow close behind. He was all right. He could be a little friendlier.

By the time I had finished my sandwich we were in town. I crumpled up the used wrapper and tossed into the nearest trash receptacle. “Now, Paris, to the Pokemart!” He nodded, as passive as ever.

I could’ve sworn we got lost a dozen times. I almost got mugged four times. These damned thugs were gonna take my money, but Paris scared them away. All he did was lazily launch a Leech Seed on the wall next to them. The Pokemart was a welcoming sign, with its obnoxiously blue roof. The air conditioning inside was an even bigger relief. “Damn it feels good in here!” That was a little louder than I expected…

The clerk called me over. “Hey kid, did Ms. Pine send you?” When I nodded, he went out into the back. He came out again with a tray of five pokeballs. “She forgot to give these to you when you left.”

“Oh. Thanks.” I took the balls and put them in my pocket.

“No problem.”

With that, I exited the building. I was surprised they let me keep Paris out. Oh well. Alright buddy, let’s go.” We moved off to Route 2.
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