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Near Eterna Ruins
A voice interrupted Bay’s strain of thought.

"...A lot of people died, I can smell death from all the way over here. Someone did this on purpose, they wanted this, and they could want more. My guess is that their next target might be Jubilife," So... where does that put /us/?" As she said this, her cheek became distorted to Bay’s astonishment. As Bay’s eyes wandered, he saw a similar deformation on Emily, which he stared at deeply.

Bay’s mind took no notice of the conversation after that, and he blankly stared at everyone. All he could hear was his thoughts of what should be done. From what Bay could understand, whatever did damaged to Eterna would be headed to Jubilife although one thing came to mind, how would they stop whatever did this? Nobody in the group seemed to be capable of going toe to toe with whatever did this and combating the source of this level of demolition seemed far-fetched. The thought of fighting anyone capable of this made Bay’s inside feel cold and it all seemed suicidal. Then again, what would be the purpose of doing this?

The idea of Eterna being attacked didn’t really bother Bay although he didn’t want harm to come of Jubilife. Also he didn’t like the idea of something this powerful lurking around and by the looks of it, if this creature was aiming to destroy Jubilife, they were probably aiming to destroy all of what was left of civilization.

“AAAAAH!" the scream of Mako startled Bay and caused him to jump to his feet and reach for his knife in his pocket. It confused him yet further the girl Mako introduced as his sister was the cause of his trauma.

"E-excuse me... Do you want to kill me? Should I run?" a voice emanated from somewhere nearby and soon a boy emerged from out of his hiding spot in a fighting stance. He seemed shaky and almost unsure if he wanted to fight them. Also why ask if he should run?

Turning around, Bay replied, “Who are you and why were you listening to us?” now fully aware that the boy he though he saw earlier was just eavesdropping on them. Bay slowly paced his way towards the boy with his shoulders broad and his hands in his pockets. If this boy was hostile, Bay wanted to test out an idea for a technique on him.


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