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Just for Sidekicks...

This episode is now part of my top 5. I love how the episode showcased all six sidekicks of the ponies. I think Angel Bunny shined more in this episode, as well as Tank the Turtle. I laughed at how Rainbow Dash wanted to hug Tank but refused because she knew ponies were looking. xD Rarity with Opal...omg that is so me. "It is a chilly 82.1 degrees! *covers up with blanket*" I mean, that's pretty much how I react when it's cold when literally it's not. xD

It was a jam-packed episode. I never expect Zecora to make an appearance too. And did anyone see Cherilee and Big Macintosh together during the middle of the episode? My mind was literally blown when I saw them. lmao.

Not spoilering this next topic. lol

Who's your favorite sidekick and why?
(Owlsowicious, Angel Bunny, Gummy, Opalescence, Winona, & Tank)
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