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Name: Chapo Currian

Age: 15
Trainer: Johto Female
Starter: Roland the Male Grotle, Level 10.
Ability: Overgrowth
Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Seed Bomb

Personality: Chapo is a rather jolly and optimistic girl, capable of seeing the silver lining to most any stormcloud. Incredibly easygoing and able to relax just about anywhere, Chapo's frequently misinterpreted as lazy and unambitious. This opinion is not helped in the slightest due to the fact that the girl has the habit of taking frequent and often inconveniently timed naps. Chapo's parents have actually tried to test their daughter for narcolepsy, but appearantly there is no medical reason for Chapo's constant napping. Given the fact that she is actually a devoted and responsible girl, Chapo's parents try to excuse their daughter's numerous breaks and help her work past their frequency instead of punish her and try to stamp it out. The eldest of a rather large family where both parents are devoted to their work, Chapo is quite used to taking responsibility for her younger siblings. As a result she's a particularly good caretaker for her age, although she also only behaves as mature as the situation needs her to be. Put simply, Chapo can play the role of the mature, nurturing elder sister when she has to, but as soon as she's freed of her duties and responsibilities she immediately catches up on the childhood that she misses out on. This ironically makes her perhaps the biggest handful for her parents, with her energetically bouncing off the walls and dragging her family about for her teenaged exploits.

Chapo has a strong fondness for the latest trends and styles (although she typically sticks with her puffy overall shorts - which she loves because they're comfy and easy to wear - and she'll never divorce herself from her beloved hat) and she's developed a hearty interest in travel and food. These interests will probably be rather helpful in her journey, but her desire to take in just about every aspect of each city in the region will also undoubtedly bog down the speed of her journey. One of Chapo's major goals for her journey aside from the standard league challenge is to compose her very own travel log for the entire Kanto region. She also has a small side project that is, essentially, an incredibly romanticized story of her journey. Able to see the fantastic in everything, Chapo adores the extraordinary and the romantic. The vivid daydreams and imaginings that Chapo has whenever she sleeps are generally what inspire her artistic side and her desire to see and experience new things. Being a romantic, Chapo also adores the idea of love and tries to play matchmaker to just about anyone she meets. Suffice to say more than a couple of Chapo's more romantic fantasies revolve around herself, and she's become incredibly boy crazy since she reached "that age". (She has also lately started to have far stranger fantasies involving romance with girls, but she's been trying to ignore them.) Despite her perceived laziness Chapo is incredibly devoted to whatever practice she tries her hand at, except for the very weak psychic potential in her that she inherited from her father. Chapo is quite convinced that even if she were to devote herself entirely to her "talents", she'd make a terrible psychic. She has absolutely no interest in much of the esoteric aspects of her talents anyways, and generally only practices her (terrible) telekinesis with any sort of regularity.*

Roleplay sample:
"Take a deep breath, clear your head." Chapo opened her eyes and shifted on her knees uncomfortably. Her father was knelt before her in the same position, a pokeball resting in his lap. "Now, when you've cleared your head, close your eyes and reach out to the world around you." He said, gesturing at Chapo's eyes as though he was closing them himself.


"Okay, okay... I'm trying..." Chapo's breathing was uneasy, her fingers were visibly trembling and strumming against her knees. "I just... my head's everywhere at once and you know I'm not good at this and I can't-"

"Worry less about what you think you can't do, Chapo." Her father said reassuringly. "One last try, and then we'll wrap it up. Now..." Chapo's father took the pokeball in his lap and opened it, unleashing a Kadabra in a flash and shower of red light. "I want you to close your eyes, reach out and feel the world around you... anticipate, look forward... and prevent Kadabra from smacking you on the forehead with his spoon."

"What!?" Chapo jumped a little as her jaw slackened. "You're gonna have your pokemon hit me!? Aren't you getting a bit carried away, dad?" The girl looked about frantically. She knew her father wasn't a monster; he wasn't going to actually hurt her. Nonetheless, Chapo had a few reservations against willingly letting herself get hit by a spoon that she knew she wouldn't be able to see coming. "I mean if you're sure I guess that's fine, but... I'm not gonna..." The apprentice psychic trailed off, shifting a little as her father's silence answered her protests. "O... kay... Clearing my head... reaching out... feeling the world around me..." Chapo closed her eyes, mumbling under her breath. "I hope..."

Chapo's thoughts were racing through her mind, and no matter how hard she tried to calm them, she couldn't. She was leaving today, imaginings of travel and adventure taunted the girl's mind every time it tried to relax. Slowly, ever so slowly, Chapo could feel a stifling calm come down on her. Everything went so quiet... so serene... so empty...

Chapo let out an excited whoop of excitement, the cold air blowing through her hair as her hands gripped tightly to her mount. The Rayquaza screamed through the air above Kanto, mountains and cities flashing underneath them in a brilliant display of colour. The view was breathtaking, and as the magnificent dragon gave a sharp dive over the Seafoam Islands, Chapo couldn't stop herself from letting out a jubilant, exhilerated shout. She could practically feel her heart struggling to stay in her body as the Rayquaza pulled up from the water at the last possible second, kicking up a massive wake and a thick cloud of mist. The young woman leaned back, so preoccupied with the rainbows that the mist created that she bumped against the passenger behind her.

Lance looked down at her reassuringly, his billowing cape flapping in the wind as he made sure his charge didn't fall. His handsome face was etched in a stoic expression that spoke worlds to Chapo. 'You may rest easy, I am here to keep you safe. My strong arms will hold you tight, as my dragons will defend your honour like a beautiful princess of old. I am your knight, and you shall be forever protected in my charge.' Chapo closed her eyes despite the wonderous sight of Johto closing in below them, resting her head in Lance's masculine chest in contented bliss-


"OW!" Chapo clutched her forehead gingerly as she lurched back upwards. She opened her eyes, glaring angrily as her father sat back chuckling. "Daddy, that HURT! A-and stop laughing!"

"You fell asleep again, Chapo." Her father said, looking on with a bemused expression on his face. "I would've let you be, really, but Kadabra looked rather disappointed and we did have to finish up quickly... I'm sorry, you looked like you were having a wonderful dream, though." Chapo's dad got up and reached out to help his daughter up, grinning cheekily. "And what might you have been dreaming about this time, hmm? Or should I ask who?"

"Sh-shut up, Dad..." The young lady grumbled bitterly, her cheeks flushed as she wobbled back up to her feet. "I'm gonna miss everyone, but if you keep it up I won't miss you... jerk..." Chapo threatened weakly, reaching out and hugging her father. Her father chuckled and patted her on the back before wrapping his arm around her and walking with her outside. The two psychics were greeted with the sight of a picnic in full swing, and Chapo immediately dragged her father to the rest of the family. "I'm heading out now, Mom!" Chapo said, waving at her mother and siblings cheerfully. Her mother got up, wrapping her daughter in a hug.

"We'll miss you, sweetheart." Chapo's mother said, squeezing Chapo tightly. "We all chipped in together and got you a few things, here." Chapo's mother picked up a brand new bag and handed it over. "We got you that bag that you were eyeing up in Celadon last month, I already re-packed for you. And..." Chapo's mother looked expectantly at her younger children.

"We pitched together and got you few pokeballs!" The youngest brother piped up chipperly, beaming up at his sister. "We figured you'll really like them because they're pink!" Chapo looked into her new bag and noticed five Heal Balls inside. There was also...

"I didn't pay for any of the balls, but I got you a new diary." The oldest sibling, a twelve year old sister with feathery brown hair, pulled out the small, dark red leatherbound book. "You know, for your notes and stuff."

"And then there's this." Chapo's father took out a small wrapped box and placed it in Chapo's hands. "You can open this one up later, okay? C'mere everyone." Before Chapo could mouth a single word of thanks, she found herself being swamped by her family in a giant group hug.

"We'll miss you, Chapo!"

"Be sure to keep in touch, honey!"

"Make sure you call us when you're in Fuschia City and Saffron City!"

"Bye sis!"

"We love you!"


Chapo stumbled into the pokemon center, her hurried stagger drawing a few heads from waiting trainers. "Am I late? Am I late?" She asked worriedly, looking about for Professor Pine. "Oh god did I not make it?" The girl's expression became one of strong concern, as she looked around the lobby frantically. Was she too late? Did the professor think that she wasn't coming and handed the pokemon to another charge? What was she going to do if she had to march back home because she wound up napping past her appointment?

"Actually you're right on time." Professor Pine was sitting at a table by the window, a clipboard and a steaming mug of coffee in front of her. "Right over here, please." The Professor gestured at the seat across from her, before giving a small, reassuring smile. "Your parents told me that it's possible you'd get distracted on your way here, so they said they'd tell you that your appointment was half an hour earlier than it is. You didn't leave me waiting, I assure you."

"Oh, uhm... okay." Chapo said, sidling up to the table and sitting down. "I guess I probably should've suspected they'd do something like that." The girl nervously wriggled in her chair and turned her hat around in her hands. "I promise I'm ready for this, though! I was so excited about this trip that I couldn't sleep! ...well, I couldn't sleep all night... I promise I'd be very dedicated to this. I've looked after my younger brothers and sister for a while, so I know how to-"

"You don't need to give me the whole sales pitch again, miss Currian. I was impressed enough to take you on the first time you gave it to me. Now," Professor Pine brought out a pokeball, pokedex and a small metal case. "Here is your pokedex, a badge case holding your trainer's card and Indigo League challenger's license, and of course..." Professor Pine smiled gently and held up the pokeball. "Your first pokemon. As you requested, I have the Grotle in here for you. I'm sure the both of you will get along splendidly."

Chapo's anxiety had all but washed away as she leaned in, beaming from ear to ear. She quickly scooped up the pokedex and case, slipping them into her bag. "Ohhh, I've always wanted a pokemon..." Her hands were trembling as they hovered just over the ball. "I'll get to keep him even after I'm done, right? I mean... I won't have to give him back?"

Pine chuckled and shook her head. "You're done when you say you're done, Chapo. I won't be taking Grotle back from you unless I fear that you're not treating him properly, but I don't suspect I'll be having that problem from any of my charges, let alone you. That Grotle is now under your care, I expect you to treat and nurture him like he's your own flesh and blood, understood?" Chapo nodded enthusiastically. "Good. Now, what exactly were you planning to do first? I understand that you have some personal motives?"

"Yup! I've wanted to see the museum in Pewter City for some time now, so I figured I'd head there first. I heard they've got a pretty impressive art gallery there. Oh, and of course there's Celadon... I HAVE to see Celadon sometime..." Chapo sighed dreamily as she imagined the sights, the food, the pokemon... It was official. She had to go and she had to go now. "OKAY!" The girl bounced up to her feet, oblivious to the stares she had once again stirred up. Her hand shot out like a bullet towards Professor Pine as her other one snatched up Grotle's pokeball and put it in her bag. "I'm set, Professor! I'm gonna head out on my way now, unless you've got anything else?"

"No, no, that's everything." Professor Pine said, chuckling gently. "Go on then, I can see you're quite eager to go on your way."

"Sure am!" Chapo gave a single nod before turning on her heel and tearing out of the door. "Bye then! I'm off to take on the world!" The girl dashed out of the pokemon center, her bag bouncing about at her side in an uneven rhythm.

Professor Pine continued to chuckle at the girl's enthusiasm, shaking her head slowly. "Ahh, youth..." She said quietly, looking down at the table and pausing. Her eyes widened slightly as she picked something up and started to make her way out as well. "Chapo! Chapo! You forgot your hat! Chapo, SLOW DOWN ALREADY!"

*Nothing will come out of Chapo's power. Even if there was DM approval for it, she wouldn't be providing any sort of useful or vivid foresight, particularly with her current state of mind. Her only genuine ability and the only one that I intend for her to visibly develop over the course of the RP as her character develops is her telekinesis. However her telekinesis at the moment is about on par with the TKs in Looper (able to float coins, badges, and maybe her trainer card) and I only intend for her to become about as good as the Psychic trainers in the game (floating pokeballs and that's about it).

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