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Quote originally posted by Scarf:
You know, you're only the second gay guy I've heard say something like this that I can remember. (I'm sure more feel this way, but I can't remember hearing them say it.) I have heard many react terribly to the idea of ever not being gay. Maybe that's just an act, a persona, a guise, but it made me think that they were very stuck to their labels.
I think you'll find the people who are like that (and you're right, there are a lot of them) are the people to whom being gay is a very important part of who they are. They sort of function as a gay person rather than just as a person and to have that label ripped from them in any way would shake the entire foundation of their personalities. That's what I've noticed, anyway.

Quote originally posted by LaVida:
Do you guys wear anything (e.g. a rainbow bracelet) to show that you're gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans...? And if so, has anybody ever noticed and said something about it?
No, I don't, but that's because I'm not a very flamboyant person. I don't really wear bright colours and I'm not a jewelry person (having bracelets or rings or anything on just makes me spend so much time fiddling with them trying to make them comfortable that I just end up taking them off in frustration and never using them again). I have a very reserved personality in real life, too, so wearing rainbow stuff just isn't me all-round.

Then there's the whole "you should only be proud of accomplishments, not things you just are" frame of mind I have lol. I don't like showing gay pride for the same reason I don't like showing patriotism. Being gay is not something I achieved, so why is it something I should be proud of?


Welcome Gyardosamped! I don't believe anybody's posted that in here yet and I love it as well :D. I know Obama is powerless as far as state government is concerned, but his support is a really huge deal and I hope he can find a way to make something of it at some point over the next four years!

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