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Originally Posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red View Post
Wow, this hack looks interesting...and the evil squad leaders are jazz lovers? Yeah, very smiliar with Go rock squad from Pokemon Ranger xD. I have a question...can we obligatory have Zorua in this game? I mean, there's a guy who gives Zorua to you when you reach a city, or PKMN center...coome on, please, I want a Zorua, that would be interesting with the storyline, haha... Oh, and Good luck too :)
You'll get one don't worry... :)

Ok, now it's time for a huge update!

I got a lot in store for you guys but sadly I don't have any scripting done.


Ok, New TextBox and Font (which is from Emerald)

Here's a look for the first town and the Hero's OW. You can only pick Male as your gender here.

Yeah, the sink smells delicious.

Here's Route One.

Yay, for berries!

Inside Prof.Nara's Lab.

Here's the first city Flameheart City.

The Three Layer tile hack at work.

Flameheart City Gym...

And that concludes our huge update. xD Also thanks to NarutoActor for assisting me in the Mapping Field I owe him a lot.