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Percival and Roland Grey- Ekilore Port

"Ah, well a very merry thank you to you, madam." Captain Crewe exclaimed to Crystia, removing his hat from his head and gesturing with it as part of a bow. "I'm glad the monks rounded up at least one gracious guest." He said, his tone directed at Roland as he made his way onto the boat. He returned his gaze to Crystia. "The clothing is the finest the region of Dedris has to offer. Truly the envy of the world." He said pompously, his pride for his region quite evident, to which Roland shook his head in disgust, though he himself had done the same before.

"Captain Crewe. Percival Grey reporting," the young knight said as he boarded the ship. "Anything I can do to assist in the departure? The Monks made it sound like we must depart immediately." Percival was eager to help the captain, mostly due to a self imposed desire to lead the group. No doubt Roland would attempt to take charge, but Percival knew Roland to never be a patient man and easily irritable at best. His leadership could be disasterly and words offensive. Percival would have to be extra courteous in his dealings. Thankfully, he had enough experience in the various courts of Ethora to handle such things.

"What you speak is true, Ser Grey." He replied to him, checking across his complexion as he did so. "From what I understand, you're all in for quite a storied journey ahead of you. And though this quest may be secret from most, the eyes of the enemy are ever-moving. When the lot of you are aboard, we set sail to Shinguo. If your luck holds on and our grace with the Gods holds true, then the skies will be kept clear, and our presence may go unnoticed."

"How long do you think the voyage will take?" Percival asked.

"Honestly, brother." Roland interjected smugly. "You'd think they taught you anything about cartography in that appeaser of a region you call home. Travel by sea to Shinguo should take about a fortnight." One of the other knights, a hooded one of which Roland knew little about, passed a word onto him as she boarded, proclaiming he let the Captain do his job.

"I intend to let the good captain keep dominion over his ship, ser knight. I am merely extending my own right-deserved authority over the quest and it's affiliates." He retorted at the hooded Tamor as the knight passed by.

"And you would think your dear King Hector would teach you any etiquette."

"My lords, please," the Captain cut in, holding his arms up in an attempt to pacify the brothers. "I assure you. We'll be there before you know it."

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