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Do you guys wear anything (e.g. a rainbow bracelet) to show that you're gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans...? And if so, has anybody ever noticed and said something about it?

Does a white and grey hoodie with multicolored dinosaurs count? xD
No, not really. I'm a dark-colors-and-hoodie kind of guy, most of the time. Although, a few of my (primarily black) shirts have pink on them, but I'd hardly say that's displaying my sexuality or anything. Lol.

. . . BUT I suppose I did kind of wander back in here today because . . . ugh, well, I'm feeling rather down. I just got dumped earlier . . . and . . . I'm really not sure. Yes, I cried a bit, although since I was still at his house for a while hanging with his family (who had no idea about us, by the way) I didn't really get the chance to all that much . . . I'm kind of at the point now where half of my mind has shut down and is ignoring it.
It really really SUCKS, to put it bluntly, and perhaps even then I'm being quite . . . under-dramatic, I guess?
We're still friends, though . . . uh . . . well . . . I'll have to give my mind some time to settle. Basically he broke up with me because, I guess, he just didn't care about me like that anymore. Seriously helps my self-esteem issues, thanks. @_@


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