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And now to give my review on this hack.

Great storyline. That's all I have to say about that. I definitely enjoy the fact that it twists the plot of Pokémon to the point of giving it a creepy feeling. The Fakemons are quite good. They are unique, and don't seem to be recolors of the originals like some hacks do. The Zombie Trainers (as I like to call them), are quite easy at first, but the game gets difficult towards the end. My Nuzlocke run ended with me being left with three Pokémon. For a first hack, you sir, have done a great job. You should work on a hack. Or do a collaboration hack. That would be a nice experience, I'm sure. You deserve a medal for "Best Storyline". You should write a book. You're FULL of ideas, at least that's what this hack has told me. May the Greek goddess of good fortune smile upon you.
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