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Well, in either case, the bird-like icon is the way forward, in my opinion. And I'm not saying icons which have washed-out colors don't look good. You can check out Abnegation's art dump and see the 'redemption' icon or the one on its immediate left. Can't really post links right now so yeah. But my point is, if you go for washed out colors, it should mostly be devoid of monotone or have something to compensate for it. Going through your works I can't help but feel that way. But thinking back, honestly, I wonder if the term 'washed out' is appropriate here. I think 'lack of contrast' might be a better word. Whatever, I just hope you get it. Anyway, another tip that I'd just drop here is the text. If I were you, I'd avoid text like the one in the first butterfree and dialga icons. Also the kind in the basketball player no '22's icons. They just do not add to the work, in my opinion. Text looks better in the first and the second icons, though.

As for tags..well, I was a fan of scanlines when I started out. But they quickly became old. If you prefer them I can't really do anything about that. But I really hope you post your non-scanline versions here too if you choose to include them.

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