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Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
I eat a relatively normal amount, I think. You know, aside from forgetting meals and the like. x;

Um so if this isn't too creepy, here's that picture I mentioned earlier.
There isn't any blood or anything, but if you're grossed out easily, perhaps it's best not to reveal it.

I'm aware that I have small hands.

It's surprisingly fun. Feels digusting to pull the pins back out of your skin, though. D:

Oh, that picture is pretty small.
Here's a bigger one-

Sorry about it being huge.
That reminds me of the time when i accidently stapled my thumb,going through my nail coming out the other side when i was a kid and then again a few years later which wasn't really an accident.But it wasn't really painful because i only knew there was a staple in my thumb a few hours later.Good times.