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My urges normally revolve around food and entertainment.

With regard to food, I could be pretty much anywhere in the world and still get some ridiculous craving for risotto or an omelette or a steak. It's completely random as to when they'll occur and what foods are involved, but it happens on a not-too-infrequent basis. The weirdest one was pumpkin pie, which happened about a month ago, just before Christmas. It was also the most disappointing, as nowhere in the UK sells it anywhere! It was like having withdrawal symptoms from cocaine or something! (Disclaimer: it actually wasn't; I'm just being dramatic.)

With entertainment, normally how it works is that I'll just randomly get the urge to watch a Simpsons episode or buy a specific DVD. Normally this happens when I'm actually DVD shopping but, like food, it can technically happen any time anywhere. Can't remember the last urge of this nature, but it probably wasn't that long ago...
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