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Indeed, the date had a happy ending~<3 muwahaha

And yes. You're allowed to keep 6 inhabited pokéballs on you and any additional ones you fill up, you won't be able to open until you send some to a pokémon center and have 6 on you again. Sounds ok? I think the anime does like that at some point.

Quote originally posted by Puppeteer Mask:
[CENTER]Name: Chapo Currian
Age: 15
Trainer: Johto Female
Starter: Roland the Male Grotle, Level 10.
Ability: Overgrowth
Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Seed Bomb
Very good, and as long as you keep those telekinetic powers to that level, it'll be an interesting add to the RP! Actually, I might be able to come up with a nice reason/use for her powers plotwise, eventually... muwahahaha.

Accepted! Welcome to the RP and go ahead and post in the IC as soon as you'd like. Be sure to subscribe!

Quote originally posted by heretostay123:
Apologies about the length of my post. I had a longer one, but it was claimed by the darkness.
No worries! Length is not the trouble, as I believed that I stated in the very rules of this RP :3

Quote originally posted by Xlugon Pyro:
Sorry for the really late sign-up but I'll probably have to finish it up tomorrow. However, I do have most of it ready and I plan to finish the sample up and make the final touches tomorrow.



Anyways. Now I FINALLY have some time to sit down and read your posts and maybe even write a post of my own!! Busy weekend is busy.

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