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Originally Posted by Yoshihiko View Post
HAH glitchyguy! I'm slightly taller here, Around 6 foot here. (i had to use google to convert my height to feet) However, I am so light, I am only 45 kg. That's like having a BMI of only 13.6, that's severely underweight right?

Yes I am, I know, new account, same old me.
Yeah that's really light! And yeah that is underweight. Do you have a fast metabolism? @_@ Lucky! I don't, I have to really burn off what I eat ;_; It sucks cause I wanna eat chocolate all the time ;o; So I have to just treat myself to a little square a day or I'll want to binge on candy bars!

Are you happy with what you weigh though? Some people are also naturally just built lighter; so as long as your doctor says it's okay then *thumbs up* :3

Yeah you confused me with Yoshikkko! Haha :3 but good, good! Same old Snorly~
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