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To answer your question, Red/Blue/Green are almost the same, you know that. The difference between Red/Blue/Green and Yellow is that in Yellow you have Pikachu as a starter and have the chance to capture Red's original team in Gold/Silver/Crystal and Heart Gold and Soul Silver. (Red's the final boss in those games.)

Look, here are all the main games in order:

Pokemon Red/Blue/Green,Pokemon Yellow, then there's Gold/Silver, Crystal (Not sure if Crystal was released with Gold and Silver...) next is Ruby and Sapphire then there's Fire Red and Leaf Green remake of PKMN Red and Green, Emerald remake of Ruby and Sapphire but different events, Diamond and Pearl, Platinum remake of Diamond and Pearl but with different events just like Emerald, Heart Gold and Soul Silver remake of Gold/Silver and Crystal, Black and White and finally Black and White 2! (Next is PKMN X and Y, coming soon!)

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