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Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
A partial reboot of a semi-successful thread that has long since gone past its revival date - [link]

As the title says you can show off and get opinions on your Title/Boot Screens and other graphical edits of the likes. Here are the ones for my hack:

I assume we are also allowed to rate/comment on them too right? In which case I absolutely love your title screen. The underwater rock face goes well with the Lugia you've got and everything looks well inserted. Sadly whenever I've tried, I always get the bug where the corner of the title screen seems glitched.

As for the boot screen, looks great too! The only thing that strikes me as wierd is that the font on all 4 lines are different. Though that's probably how it is supposed to be.

Good work Mr.Manipulation.

Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
Well for instance in your case, both Boot and Title screen look really good but a whole different thing is, do they match up with the contents of the hack. If Sienna revolves around Lugia, it makes sense for it being in both of those screens.

I know this is a bit nitpicking but as for myself, I'd like to add a neutral title screen to my own hack without anything special being shown in them if I don't get someone doing a game-related title screen for me. At least, no pokemon being shown in it would do.

This far, this is all I've got though which isn't much of a title screen but it was fan-made work by a person called RED and I really appriciate him doing that:

Pretty much gets to the neutral category of not showing anything about the gameplay but definitely a whole lot better than having Lugia flying around (talking about Pokemon Silver title screen that is).
Being completely honest, I'm not much of a fan of the G/S/C series. Likely because I grew up playing FR/LG. Anyways, your ideology about what to include in titlescreens are certainly interesting. I haven't ever considered the title screen was a big spoiler of sorts, but I guess you're right. Moreover, I don't know what to say about your titlescreen since I don't know how good titlescreens in G/S/C are supposed to be. Though from your thought process it meets all your criteria.
Though I think you should add the usual "PRESS START" thing, that'd be more standard. Anyways good work my boy :)

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