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Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post
Nope, you missed the entire point, kiddo. I don't care about the tileset, I care about your attitude. I am perfectly calm right now but you are flipping out. Yes, the tiles are Nintendo's, but I compiled them to be used in RPG Maker XP, therefore they were resized and put into a user-friendly format.
My attitude huh? I am actually very calm too, you don't know me, so how do you know whether I'm angry or calm? I may sound angry, but be very calm, so please, don't judge me by my posts. It's funny, because Nintendo deserve full credit, and you only deserve a little, like this:



Evil Arms

Get my point? Or are you just going to be Mr. Stroppy-head and Mr. Arrogant and Mr. Uppity? Or are you going to be Mr. Nice Guy?
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