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The final part of my Emerald Random Pokemon Challenge:


My team, I think I made the best movesets that were possible
For the Elite Four I gave everyone one Rare Candy, so they got to Level 46
I know I'm underleveld, but that makes the challenge more interesting, doesn't it?

Let's start:
Naruto aka Ninjask, my first Pokemon in the challenge
Strategy: Revengkiller, Baton Passer to Rhydon
My second Poke is Fat Boy the Hariyama
Strategy: Bulk Up Sweeper, Facade + Guts, Fake Out for Revengekill

Then I got The_Mew the Manetric
Strategy: To paralyse, T-Bolt for the Champ

4th Team Member: Angry Bird aka Skarmory
Strategy: Spikes (Leader in the first 3 Battles), Toxic

Then comes Jean the Sharpedo
Strategy: None, Ice Beam for Drake

And my 6th Poke: D!NO the Rhydon
Strategy: Physical Sweeper (Ninjask Baton Pass) and Physical Wall

So now let's go tho the Elite Four:
The first 3 were very easy, Drake was the hardest battle in the game, because Salamence and Flygon knew EQ and Flamethrower to kill my team, but I managed it somehow (4 Revival Herbs and 1 Full Restore)
The champ was also hard to battle (needed 1 Revival Herb and 1 Full Restore)

And that was the Challenge


It made so much fun
That's why I'm trying to do a Crystal run
6 Pokes, Fully evolved (no trade evolutions), all pokemon should be available before the Elite Four, because I'll just play until Lance

If this run is also that funny I'll do every gen