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Me and my friends are doing a challenge we set up; using the basis of a road to glory on UT. One of us has to give someone else a "crap", gold striker between the rating of 75-77 and he has to be a lone striker. So in a formation where the is only one striker e.g. 4-2-3-1, 5-2-2-1 etc. The rest of the team around it have to be silver non-rare players rated 69 or under. Of course, my friend assigned me a poor Joao Tomas as a striker, with 34 pace...however he does have excellent shooting and heading.

My team so far is:

I only have the bronze and 70 silver because I had 2 gold players in their position who ran out of contract and I couldn't afford to renew them, so I had to discard them and buy the 2.

The target is for our striker to play 100 games for the club. Were gonna do it again when we finish but use the money from this challenge to get an in-form striker we give eachother using all the coins we have on hand.

If you guys want to do this, then feel free.


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