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Originally Posted by KriegStein View Post
I got this hack about a week ago and i have now finished it. (I think) I completed the gym and now I have a hunger for more! :D What I am saying is awesome job! I know that there are some bugs here and there like glitching texture and paths in weird places and flying os messed up and stuff. But I didnt mind that. Now I am wondering... You are developing the beta 4? So I would like to ask how big are the changes compared to beta 3.1? (sorry if this has been asked already)
It seems he recently started to make some progress after about 3 years
but it looks like it's going well and you will not wait that long anymore...

Btw Manu, will the party/box sprites of the fakemon be insterted???
I really liked the fakemon but the sprites of the original Pokemon kinda ruined it
I was looking at the new scrrens and you added some new cool fakemon they look nice keep it up!

Gliscor is boss. Period.