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Quote originally posted by FBI agent:
Good work Mr.Manipulation.
Agreed, Sienna's screens look really good. One shouldn't be trying to fill out most of the reply with possible critisism, like I happened to do.

Quote originally posted by FBI agent:
Being completely honest, I'm not much of a fan of the G/S/C series. Likely because I grew up playing FR/LG. Anyways, your ideology about what to include in titlescreens are certainly interesting. I haven't ever considered the title screen was a big spoiler of sorts, but I guess you're right. Moreover, I don't know what to say about your titlescreen since I don't know how good titlescreens in G/S/C are supposed to be. Though from your thought process it meets all your criteria.
Though I think you should add the usual "PRESS START" thing, that'd be more standard. Anyways good work my boy
It was a fanmade title screen by a person called RED from Skeetendo Inc. So I didn't make it

But yeah, I do like keeping it simple more than for example Ho-Oh or legendary birds from Gen I being shown in it although all of them can be caught in the game. Those just wouldn't make any sense for being there. I think that if there is no particular reason for an add-on (whatever the add-on is), there is no point in having the add-on either. If you include some kind of theater in your hack just because you feel like adding a theater in one town, what's the point. You could instead use a bit more imagination and make the theater having an actual purpose for being there; make a storyline related event or side-quest happen there or something.

Anyway... yeah, having "PRESS START" type of dialogue in it would be a good idea (at least it wouldn't hurt).

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