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I dont think it really changes anything, and having played every generation from gen 1, i honestly dont see the metaphor you speak of.

In gen 1, obviously the player starts out at Pallet town, and all the cities/places are all named after colours, to fit with the theme of "colours spreading for a painters pallet". and obviously, the games themselves were named after colours. but thats as far as it goes.
Gen 2, i suppose you could argue that the names are colours (though i see them more as precious metals), and none of the cities are named after colours (Ecruteak isnt a colour!).
Gen 3, again, named after precious gems, not specifically colours (although the gems have become synonymous with the colour shades they exhibit), and once again, no colours in the place names!
Gen 4, no colours here, just some more precious gems/metals. no colours in the locations either
Gen 5. if i was being pedantic, i could say they are shades, not colours, but i suppose they can be considered "colours", but still no colour names in the locations.

Im afraid there is no great connecting link between naming conventions between the generations. It was just a nice thing they put into the very first generation to make it feel more "connected", but havent really bothered with since

Sure, X and Y may not be what you would expect, but its not that much more exotic than gen 2-4 naming really :/
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