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I literally facepalmed at this.

I'm not going to be so fast as to call scum on the guy. I'm Muslim myself and have seen these Muslim schools which I would do anything NOT to go to, mind you. I'm not saying all of them teach that women are worthless, cause they don't. But I wouldn't be surprised if one did, because, sadly, I've seen cases where people degrade women to that point. It's really sad, honestly.

That being said, I do think this guy is lying out of his teeth. My proof is the fact that he has Facebook, to be totally honest. From what I've seen, the people who insinuate that women are worthless are people who are old fashioned and don't really like technology. I know many brown people who hate Facebook. Hell, my mother did.

Going back on topic, I still feel this guy should have been sentenced. If not prison, give him community service or something. As for the girl, if what the dude says is true, then this is also her fault for instigating the union.
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