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Evan Lee Gildred

Eva giggled nervously, as Ashling down played the incident. She certainly didn’t seem mad and that relieved him to no end. He was so nervous that she would scream at him and make a scene due to his clumsiness, but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, she had even tried to cheer him up, her little illusion vanishing in his hands before it hit. His eyes widened as it did so, this little act giving him but the slightest insight into the type of Youkai his roommate was. That didn’t matter to him, though. What did matter, was that he was quickly becoming rather fond of his roomie and hoped they could become quick friends. He didn’t have many of those, even back home. Nobody ever chose to hang out with Eva the “boy”, maybe things would be different for Eva the “girl”.

His eyes rising to meet Ashling’s once again, he persevered through his nerves and tried his best to maintain contact. “Y-you’re very kind and I can not thank you enough for your pardoning me,” he sputtered and found himself bowing once again. Maybe he was laying it on a bit thick, but he was truly thankful for her kindness. “I guess we should get ready for bed, tomorrow is our first full day after all.” He smiled at her, his lips causing slight dimples to form in his cheeks as he did so. “So, before I hurt you, or break anything,” he said with a jovial tone. “I’m going to go take a shower and let you get settled.” Grabbing a pair of pajamas and a towel, he left the room and closed the door behind him to give the girl some more privacy as she unpacked. The halls were becoming quickly less dense as the other girls set in for the night. Everyone was surely waiting with either anticipation or dread for the first day of classes. Eva decided he was more on the side of anticipation. He loved schoolwork and it was one of the few things that he figured he wasn’t a total screwup in.

The showers were nearly deserted, only a few other girls here and there doing the same thing he was in the process of; getting ready for bed. Quickly finding an open stall, he ducked in and undressed, the door securely locked so as not to have any unwelcome, secret breaking visitors. He ran his hands up to his head and nimbly undid the “little balls of yarn” as people had a tendency to refer to his hair style. Hair cascaded down his body and its full length rested just over the curvature of his back where it met his rear. Turning on the water and stepping into its warmth, he lingered and let the water run over him and wash away his worries. His hair would take forever to dry, but he cared little. Right now, nothing worried his mind. Not school, his deception, fears of being caught, or even bullies. It was like he was hypnotized by the water and his soul soothed. About fifteen minutes passed, before he decided that it would probably be best to finish up and get back so that he could fall asleep at a reasonable time.

He dried off in the stall, and did everything in private. This was one of the few times where he was most at danger to be discovered, should he slip up. Folding up his dirty uniform, he slipped on his clean pajamas, a soft, pink cotton top and silky, black shorts before finally stepping out into the public partition of the shower rooms. A few of the girls made space for him at the sinks and he quickly went to work finishing for the night, brushing his teeth, blowdrying hair and scrubbing his face. He couldn’t help but look at the girls on either side of him, noticing the differences between them as he did. He didn’t look for the reasons most boys would have and quickly found that funny in his head. Where as other boys may have killed to be in this room, he simply thought it another part of his nightly routine. He didn’t stand out at all. His size, legs, hair, face, almost everything was the same except when it came to his chest. Girls his age were far more developed in that regard than him and it did give him the slightest bit of insecurity. Trying not to dwell on the thought, he finished and made his way back to his shared room, his hair still down, but dry and ready for bed.

As soon as he entered, he stored the dirty clothes and laid out another uniform for tomorrow. Most people would wait until the morning to do so, but not Eva. He always insisted on being ready and if he wasn’t early, he considered himself late. Crawling under his blankets, he stared at the ceiling, his mind racing with what await him and the others. The once all encompassing calm of the shower had been broken. Now there was only his thoughts. He knew not if sleep would actually come that night, but he closed his eyes.
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