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Originally Posted by Mistafro1 View Post
If this game's going to be in 3D it could be intresting to see it as a mini-game

You walk into the professors lab and see it destroyed, and the three starters are just running around. You have to like catch up to which ever starter you want and your neighbor/rival could get the other one and the professor (or other rival if we're going B2/W2 Style) could get the final
That could be rather challenging, but quite good at the same time. How about it being that the Pokémon are still inside their Poké Balls, and then you choose whichever one you'd like?

Or maybe you get to choose at the start and then later the lab gets broken into and two Poké Balls are stolen, and only one that the Professor still has had kept it safe for you and you obtain it.
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