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I've faced your team before, sooo mind if I give some suggestions? :3

You don't need Stealth Rock on Nidoqueen if you have Stealth Rock on Uxie. :[ Uxie seems to be your go-to pokemon for Stealth Rock anyway, soooo how about you try Ice Beam instead? Ice Beam hits Dragon-types very hard, OHKOing max HP Druddigon after Stealth Rock, Altaria and Fraxure unconditionally, and 2HKOing Dragonair. Or, you can try Sludge Wave, in which it sort of eases prediction, as in, you can follow up with a coverage move to 2HKO something. For example, Slowking can be 2HKOed with a combination of Sludge Wave and Thunderbolt.

Now, you seem to be in favor for all out attacking for this team. Why not try something like.. Dual Screens, or utilizing Spikes? That way, you can add pressure for your opponent, as you continue your offensive pivots.

Hope that helps. :3

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