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Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Black).

Moving on to Johto, playing on HeartGold.

Update #1 on HeartGold.

Name: Black
Rival: Silver
Starter: Cyndaquil
  • Played the game until I reached Violet City, then caught Blackie the Unown (B) in the Ruins of Alph, with a Rock-type Hidden Power.
  • Blackie barely beat Falkner because Pidgeotto kept using Roost.
  • Moved on through Union Cave to Azalea Town and cleared out the Slowpoke Well by beating Proton.
  • Defeated Silver with the help of a couple Super Potions, as Croconaw had Bite.
  • Bugsy was easy with Blackie's Hidden Power Rock.
  • Went through Ilex Forest, grabbing the Cut HM, and arrived in Goldenrod City.
  • Took on the gym. Barely beat Whitney thanks to a few Fresh Waters and Miltank using Rollout at the end, preventing any healing.
  • Avoided as many trainers I could on the way to Ecruteak City, talked to Bill, then went back to Goldenrod.
  • Got Kuro the Eevee from Bill.
  • After tons of Bike riding, a couple haircuts and some vitamins, and a couple levels gained, Kuro evolved into Umbreon!
  • Proceeded to beat all the trainers I had skipped before to train Kuro up.
  • Got the Surf and Strength HMs, explored the Burned Tower, beat Silver, and released the legendary dogs.
  • Took on the gym, which was very easy with Kuro's Dark typing and Pursuit.
  • Continued on to Olivine City, scaled Glitter Lighthouse, then Surfed to Cianwood City to get the SecretPotion.
  • Surfed back to Olivine and healed Amphy, then Surfed to Cianwood again after getting a call from Baoba, the Safari Warden.
  • Went to the Safari Zone, where I caught Boss the Murkrow.
  • Trained her up on the trainers I skipped on the way there and around the Whirl Islands.
  • Challenged the gym, and swept through all the trainers and Chuck with Boss' Wing Attack and Pluck.
  • Got the Fly HM, taught it to Boss, then flew to Olivine, where I challenged Jasmine in the gym, who was tough as usual. Kuro easily dispatched both Magnemite with Dig, but Steelix took him out. Boss survived an Iron Tail and finished it with Night Shade.
  • Realized I forgot to beat Eusine, so I sicced Kuro on him.
  • Did some exploring with Surf, then saved in Olivine City.

Team Black:

Boss the Sassy Murkrow, ♀ - L37 @ Shell Bell
Ability: Super Luck
Moves: Pluck, Faint Attack, Fly, Night Shade

Kuro the Relaxed Umbreon, ♂ - L37 @ Quick Claw
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Return, Faint Attack, Dig, Confuse Ray

Blackie the Lax Unown (B) - L26
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Hidden Power (Rock)

HM Slaves:

Wooper - Flash, Surf

Sandshrew - Rock Smash, Cut, Strength

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