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Takumi Makkusu - Life Is...Cheese

I got startled when I saw the body move. Zombiiiieeeee I quickly back away from the Youkai as he tries to get up. Oh cr**, this is it! He's gonna turn to me & kill me! Uhm, but does anyone actually know I'm a human. Maybe, just maybe... I just gotta keep up the charade until I can find a way out of this school.

I saw the boy was having trouble getting up & heading into the dorms. I might guess he is my roommate. I hope he doesn't find out I'm a human. This guy can use fire at his own free will. How do you not anger him? I'll just have to keep it cool.

Hee hee, cool...

I slowly walk back into the dorms & head back to my room. Sure enough, the Youkai was sitting on one of the beds. I-I guess he can have that one while I take the other, it makes no difference. I avoided eye contact- I don't wanna make any contact with any monster, but if I have to for survival, then I must. Still avoiding eye contact~ Nice wall. "I-I guess we're r-roommat-tes..." Why was my voice high? I am not doing so well.

I am gonna die. I am gonna die today.

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