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The birds. That's really all that needs to be said.

I'm going to take a more original route with my commentary, because you're already quite good at the realistic/painterly stuff, and everyone else is going to gravitate to that, naturally (though I still like the chibi Mike, just because I think it's kind of funny in a charming sense).

I wish I could see your Newgrounds animation, but it won't load or play for me. You oughta convert your animations to something you can stick on youtube (or your own site if you have one). All the other animated stuff, though, I really like the style of choice. Lineless, but somewhat stylized. I like everything about the Shadow the Hedgehog animation, from the colors to the trippy looking background. Really cool to see Tails too, a favorite character of mine (well, Classic Tails anyway). I like that he looks somewhat like Classic Tails here (though his body is too large to be CT in full, if anything it's half and half). I also appreciate how you have him blink after several frames. Just having a character blink shows signs of life, and it's something I like to see people include (as even some professional animations don't have characters do that these days :|).

What do you use to animate with, anyway? Especially since everything looks kind of scratchy and pixelated.

Murkrow. There's a Pokemon I forgot existed, but I like the colors a lot. Ahaha, you almost got away with it. The wing on its right, when it flaps, it shouldn't look like that at all. You must've used some sort of animation tricks or something, because it seems like the right wing just mirrors everything the left wing does. That's probably what's causing the error. From that angle, I think you'd see the inner details with a flap that looks like that for one, but then it's totally inverted. I dunno, it's just kind of creepy. Personally, I only do frame by frame animation, and only use at most motion tweens for scrolling (or for an animation rough where full movement is not the focus), so I'm actually very very lost on the sort of animation shortcuts people use and how they work, but I used to work for a game studio where people did use those methods, so I know them when I see them. I just never learned how to do things that way.

There's really not a lot I can say about that, though. Unlike in illustration where a person can critique your art in the hopes that you'll come out better next time, a person can't really say "go draw every frame by hand" without taking into consideration that maybe that's just the way the person animates, or it just seeming subjective and/or pendantic beyond belief. And people do it professionally, so I dunno. I'm just sort of traditional. Frame by frame animation takes forever, anyway.

Anyway, the "fox newbie that isn't Vulpix" is cute. It took me a while to notice that it wasn't just jumping up and down, but legs were actually moving. I guess one of the drawbacks of a lineless style (on a white background no less). I really like it, but, I dunno, again I'd just like to see how that would look if it didn't seem like scale and skew tools were used.

I really wish I had a better idea of how you work with longer animations.

Sorry for getting all up in yours. I don't mean to be so nitpicky, but I just feel like there's a lot of potential here. Again, though, it's really nice stuff overall.

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