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Oh my God yes, a lot has changed in the last year. Pretty much all of it has happened since October, but regardless here's a little comparison list.

January 2012:
- I had exactly two friends that I hung out with on any kind of regular basis.
- I had a part-time job where I was guaranteed only 21 hours a week.
- I spent any time not at work either at the movies or shopping with one of my two friends, or sitting right here in this chair.
- I was a closeted gay guy with no confidence and no prospect of ever dating anybody.
- I was living at home with no plans and no hope of getting out.

January 2013
- I've found a whole new group of friends (all of whom love Pokemon by the way)
- In two weeks time we're going to start looking for a place to live together.
- I'm out of the closet completely.
- In a few weeks I'm starting a full-time 38 hour job as the assistant manager of a neighbouring store which will take my weekly earnings from around $390 a week to $700 a week.
- I'm pretty much never home because I'm always out seeing my future roommates or my other friends.
- I'm dating a 20 year old guy named Jesse.

So yeah... life is seriously looking up!

By February 2014, I hope to have accomplished the following things:

- Finish the work I started on my body 6 years ago. I already lost all the weight I need to back then and haven't been fat for a very long time, but I need to actually follow through and get somewhat fit. You know, with abs and ****.
- Have a boyfriend
- Save a ton more money than I already have (because who doesn't need more money?)
- Have had more life experiences than I have had in the last four years combined.
- Learn to be completely self-sufficient and independent.

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