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Originally Posted by Jim Boob View Post
Well at first look it looks pretty decent :>

But still it feels on some parts pretty empty, for example when you come in the map from left an when you're almost at the middle it feels empty the most there, maybe some more natural palced trees could fit in there or your best option would be a sand path that kind of leads through the map, since the player wouldnt know where to go along.

Also between the spaces of the trees feels empty too for example the tree formation at bottom right, might want to fill some random little rocks, since mountains are close or even little trees.

The beach top right feels a little bit empty and unnaturaly mapped too.

Those little flowers kind off hurt my eyes when i look at them (might be just my eyes) but since it doesn't have todo with pallete lets skip it lol, but if they would be replaced with the red flowers everyone would see that theyre sometimes placed too close each other.

And i can see right now like 4 tile errors(Top Middle tree on sand,Bottom mountains here and tehre some) which aren't some errors that are unfixable though.

Overall pretty decent map, and no you didn't lost it, just gotta get the flow back;>
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