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Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
Name: Aryan143
Partner Pokemon: Roserade(No Nickname)
Answer the current topic: I would definately say Budew because I really like it. The cute face and the the Grass typing makes it the cutest poison pokemon(in my views).

And for the quiz, I would like to say Poison Fang.
Welcome to the club dude! Great to see more Poison type lovers. :D May I ask why you chose Roserade as your partner? What is it about Roserade that you like so much? Would you call it your favourite Poison type Pokémon? It's a very cool Pokémon indeed (and great in battles with its support skills) so I don't blame you at all, I'm just curious. :D Anyhow, hope you have an awesome time here! And I agree, Budew is freaking adorable ♥