Thread: [Weekly Poll] Seismitoad versus Simipour
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I basically chose Simipour for these obvious reasons:

No 4x weaknesses. Seismitoad's typing may have only one weakness, but being 4x weak to something is not fun. Simipour already has few weaknesses anyway and can obviously counter Grass better than Seismitoad. (The latter has no access to Ice Beam)

Simipour has balanced offenses with good Speed and a nice movepool to match, it can go physical, special or even mixed. It's also very handy to use in-game compared to other Water-types and learns Scald naturally, which has a neat chance of burning the foe.

It's a monkey, I was born in the Year of the Monkey in Chinese Zodiac so yeah, I do like monkeys a lot. Not to mention it's BLUE, aka my signature color. And going by the year I was born in (1992) I am specifically a Water Monkey, which is what Simipour is as well.

So yeah, Simipour all the way baby.
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